Model Overview

Truck Model Overview
Actros Truck

Welcome to a new dimension.
The Actros. Staying ahead of the game requires vehicles that do the same.

Antos truck

A new class of truck for a new era in transport.
The new Antos. Both a milestone and a benchmark for the future.

Arocs Truck

The Arocs. The new force in construction.
Combining Power, Robustness and Efficiency in a unique way,

Atego truck

A new benchmark in distribution and construction transport.
The new Atego is a winner on all fronts, offering the attributes to suit your tasks, whatever the application.

Econic truck

Progress starts with one step: the Econic concept.
An innovative special-purpose truck that combines versatility, ergonomics and convenience.


Getting the job done right - first time.
Only one commercial vehicle can accept any challenge and tackle it with the right end result.